Company Profile

Rohan Organics PVT. LTD. was established in 1984, based in Kanpur (U.P)-INDIA. The company is guided by a professional approach, has marked an important name for itself in the Chemical world, making it, one of the well reputed chemical company of India.

We strive for improvement year after year - in every product we develop and produce. Our concern for compliance with latest REACH rules and regulations on banned substances of very High concerns and banned chemicals are never compromised. Our research always sharpens the customer's edge for competitiveness. This is made possible because we continually ask our customers what they think and what they need - before turning those wish lists into a real product. With continuous, extensive R&D, Rohan Organics keeps pace with technological advancement, in India & abroad, competing the multinational companies in the field. Our diverse product range cover Wet-end to finishing chemicals that optimize performance and meet fashion requirements through all phases of the leather making process. All our chemicals are manufactured with compliance with latest REACH rules and regulations on banned substances of very High concerns and banned chemicals.

Customer emphasis

The company strives to achieve excellence through proactively addressing customer needs and requirements. Integral to this approach is the identification and development of customized products backed by research and development support.

Rohan Organics R&D function is not only driven by organizational needs, but more importantly by customer needs. Its R&D center employs state-of-the-art equipment that empowers Rohan Organics scientists and engineers to consistently deliver customized solutions that meet, and at times, even exceed customer expectations.


From administration to commerce, from research to production, a young and experienced team with various competencies, primarily composed of college graduates and specialized technicians who collaborate with internationally known researchers. A numerous group of experienced professionals, extremely motivated and with a common objective: to create true innovations in products and processes in the Leather industry in order to make it ever more competitive and secure.

Rohan Organics technicians participate regularly in continuing development courses and collaborate in experimental projects with international and prestigious universities and institutions, which allows them to acquiring knowledge of the latest scientific and technological developments. These are the characteristics that distinguish the personnel of Rohan Organics and that permit them to propose services and products of the highest quality

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