In a market that is increasingly rapid and aggressive, the ability to be immediately reactive has become a factor in competitiveness. Rohan Organics, aware that efficient service is a value-added commodity, offers pre-sales consultation services and post-sales assistance in every phase of leather tannery and finishing. We work with our clients in a purposeful and personalised way, making available our own laboratories for chemical analysis and physical testing and our "application laboratory" in order to establish procedures in a semi-industrial way.Our objective is to achieve the highest customer service level through on-time delivery of innovative quality products and processes while operating safely and in harmony with the environment through this hand-in-hand approach to improving our customer's products, we have developed a strong reputation in the industry for technical expertise and dedicated customer service. With 30 years of combined experience in the chemical industry, our Field Representatives possess the knowledge required to cater to our unique customer's needs. Technical Support is our forte and our technical team would be at your service as and when required.


Careful pre-sales consulting allows a preliminary verification of the results of future action, thus eliminating the margin of error, speeding up the production processes, and achieving results within the specified timeframe. Experience and profound knowledge of industrial processes and a highly-specialised and competent technical staff, along with the ability to collaborate with the client, allow Rohan Organics to provide a high degree of consultancy from tanning to finishing.


Only a business that is flexible, well organised, and equipped with highly specialised wet and finishing technicians is capable of supplying continuous and immediate assistance. Chemical and finishing technicians constantly follow the industrial production, acting in a timely manner to solve problems as they occur, in order to improve the productive process as well as verify the exact correspondence between laboratory research and finished product. The dedicated availability of a fully equipped laboratory for physical testing completes the technical support and the high level of service that only Rohan Organics can offer to its clients

Analysis and testing

In-depth knowledge of the technical characteristics of chemical products and the verification of their efficiency on leather equal the ability to present to the market a finished product that conforms to the required standards of quality. Rohan Organics makes available to its clients its own laboratories for analysis, experimental tanning, finishing, and application testing, in order to carry out the kind of research and testing necessary to the certification of the technical characteristics of the product. High-technology instruments and skilled laboratory technicians permit Rohan Organics to offer a service that is both rapid and qualified to make the difference.


In terms of a increasingly close collaboration with the tanning industry, Rohan Organics puts at its clients disposal its own technical structure in order to realise samples and small-scale production. With the "pilot scale tannery", the large finishing laboratory, and the availability of technicians, it is possible to offer a service that is both fast and accurate, allowing our clients to concentrate on their own core activities and to respond quickly to market demands. With this exclusive service, Rohan Organics proves itself to be a genuine partner in the tannery industry.

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